vivenio 7 Packaging
vivenio 7 – connecting guests

With vivenio 7, event management can reach a whole new level of perfection. The software combines the entire gamut of functions: from event planning through attendee registration to controlling and reporting.
vivenio has been a market offering since 1999 and was developed for our customers in order to address requirements specific to the event management industry. The new version 7 combines, for the first time, all functions that were initially developed for individual partners but that have since wholly proved their worth in a broader context. Thus, vivenio 7 offers an impressive spectrum of functions and is the ideal software for any type of event.

  • Over 14 years of market experience since its inception in 1999.
  • Consistently developed to address the requirements of customers and of the event management industry.
  • The leading event management software that incorporates tradition.
  • Current version 7.
  • ... Event management agencies and companies with a workforce of between 2 and 200,000 employees
  • ... Training and further education departments
  • ... Congress organizers
  • ... Organizers of further education events and seminars
  • ... Event management organizations

Summary of functions

Basic settings

System lists for existing modules

Master data

Contact database / company database
Speaker database
Hotel database
Location database
Personal Information Manager (P.I.M.)
Supplier database
Personnel database

Optional features:
Resource database


Management of events that incorporate sessions
Utilization of event capacity
Event calendar
Hotel occupancy
Travel data

Optional features:
Customer management
Resource planning

Project management

Cross-project resource plans
Target/actual analyses


Registration of attendees & speakers
Group registration
Online registration
Waiting lists

Optional features:
Registration of personnel
Ticket preparation


Invoicing & dunning

Optional feature:


User administration
Administration of users' roles

IIS Web server or Apache on Windows Server or Linux system, incorporating the following software components*:

Java 7
Tomcat (7 or more current versions) instance
PostgreSQL 9 database
SSL certificate for exclusive https access

Memory and storage:

4 GB working memory
1 mirrored system disk
1 mirrored data disk
1 UPS – emergency power supply and surge protection
Daily data backup recommended
We supply a script that exports the content of the database to a hard drive on a daily basis.

* also virtualized

You can review all the information again in the current product brochure. Download (604 KB)

Required hard drive space:

15 GB for database servers (Postgre SQL servers)
The data volume required by vivenio is in the region of

Workplace equipment:

Windows, MacOSX, Linux or tablet PC with current browsers
Updated: 04/2013

Remote maintenance:

We use TeamViewer version 5.x to carry out remote maintenance. This can be installed on your server free of charge if you wish. For Linux systems, we require access via SSH Shell.