International - thanks multilingualism Any number of language versions in dialogue with your guests , participants and partners.
Data protection in your hands Thanks to in-house data handling, you can guarantee that your guests' data will remain secure. vivenio stores all data on your server or with the provider that you commission.
Fair licensing model - No charges levied for individual registration!
- A single fee for all participants!
- The named user licensing model allows for security in terms of planning, since only those back office users who are identified are also incorporated during invoicing.
100% Web-based Experience a Web-based software that offers the convenience and speed of a desktop installation. A unique feature: you can use vivenio 7 with any terminal equipment, as the desktop computer, tablet, and smartphone offer access 24x7. Event management has never been so simple.
Your own event portal in the twinkling of an eye! - Website creation, incorporating online registration, that's as easy as pie
- no programming knowledge necessary
- your own event management portal in just a few clicks of the mouse
- intuitive handling of the user interface
- can be learned in no time at all
Unique Connect module for your software landscape The vivenio Connect module enabling connection with external systems links your event management in vivenio 7 with CRM, ERP, and proprietary database applications.