Are there interfaces with other database systems?

We offer our Web service interface as standard; this makes the most important data available by means of the Restful Web service.

Is a reminder issued about canceling reserved hotel quotas?

Yes, by means of a reminder list prior to the cancellation date.

Is it possible to import data; if so, in which data format?

Data can be imported in csv or xls format. The data to be imported are rendered in the relevant format beforehand.

Can an event be mapped according to categories, e.g., meeting, forum, etc.?

Yes, events can be mapped to a variety of categories.

Is vivenio Web-based?

Yes, both the administration zone and attendee registration are Web-based. The check-in modules have been developed as native programs.

Is it possible to export data; if so, in which data format?

In many modules, data can be exported in .csv or .xls format.

Is it possible to manage hotel data?

Hotel data can be recorded in the database by specifying the type of hotel room, the room rate, and the number of rooms. The data entered can be mapped allowing for varying daily quotas specific to each event.

Which options are offered for attendee registration?

The entire system can be installed on your premises or on the premises of a provider of your choosing.

Can checklists be created?

Yes, checklists can be created specific to each project.

Is it possible for employees to track the time accorded to specific projects?

Yes, individual employees can track the time accorded to the tasks allocated to them.

Can calculations be carried out specific to an event?

Yes, the Bid feature in the Project Management zone permits the preparation of bids and/or calculations. During the setup process, you can access previously entered resources or hourly rates. Repeated entry is, thus, eliminated.

What are the costs involved?

You acquire user licenses per workplace and per year. This makes costs calculable and transparent.

Which licensing model does vivenio follow?

vivenio is based upon a 'named user' model. This means that the number of licenses is calculated in accordance with identified users of the back office system. Operators and users of the front end tool are not taken into account in vivenio's licensing calculations.

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