Perfect attendee management

vivenio ensures that all attendee data (travel data, hotel data, payment information, ...) remain transparently available to you at all times during each phase of event management.

Irrespective of whether there are 20 attendees or 200,000, vivenio 7 is ideal for events of all sizes.

Thanks to outstanding business intelligence, vivenio lets you enjoy attendee-friendly waiting list management instead of experiencing vexing overbooking.

Dynamic website creation without programming knowledge

A maximum of flexibility within your event portal by means of customized definition of mandatory fields, modules that can be activated and deactivated in a variable sequence, various designs, specific URLs for each event, and a host of further design options.
This scope in terms of design makes vivenio perfect for you: very simply and without any programming!

Secure in-house data handling

Your event and customer data are a sensitive and valuable commodity.

To ensure a high degree of data security, vivenio 7 incorporates all data within your proprietary server or within the server of a provider that you trust.

Intelligent databases

Intelligent databases constitute the knowledge base required for perfect planning and implementation of your events. vivenio 7 offers intelligent networking of the following professional databases:

  • contact database
  • agency/artist database
  • speaker database
  • hotel database
  • location database
  • exhibition database
  • supplier/resource database
  • personnel database
Individual Personal Information Manager (P.I.M.)

The Personal Information Manager is your personal desktop in vivenio.

Your personal, event-relevant tasks and follow-up actions are ready for you to clearly view here, supporting you in your day-to-day business.

Simple online registration

vivenio 7 is your best employee when it comes to registering your event's attendees online.

From simple and convenient entry of your guests' attendee data online through to intelligent further processing of attendee data and requests by vivenio 7, all hotel, travel, and program reservations are incorporated directly in the event management process.

vivenio 7 also supports you in guest interaction by automatically sending out hotel and travel confirmations as well as admission tickets in PDF format.

Hassle-free check-in

Access monitoring and admission management at your event offer you a high degree of security and professionalism. The access software 'vivenio Check-in' simply and quickly shows you whether a ticket is valid. Attendees thus enjoy swift admission without having to wait in line.

Summary of functions:

  • uncomplicated admission management by means of QR code or barcode scanning
  • access to the list of attendees
  • on-site printing of name tags
  • on-site registration of attendees
Clearly configured event calendar

All your events at a glance: available as an annual, quarterly, or monthly view; offered on screen or in printed poster format.

Transparent target/actual analyses

Have you already attained your breakeven point? The vivenio 7 Analysis tool allows you to evaluate your data and to compare them – for instance, budgeting and registration data – for continuous outcome monitoring of your entire event.

Indispensable CRM functionalities

vivenio 7 maximizes the transparency of your relationships with customers and partners, thus giving you an indispensable edge in terms of knowledge.
Whether speakers, artists, guests, or partners, all data, reservations, and processes are optimally mapped and consistently accessible using vivenio 7 – the ideal support for your business transactions.

Professional controlling

With vivenio 7, you manage controlling and finances intelligently: accounting, bid management and invoice management, comparison of target/actual costs, dunning, ...

Comprehensive reporting

With vivenio, you have all data pooled within a single software as well as ongoing insight into:

  • hotel reservations/occupancy
  • synopsis of cancellations
  • travel data
  • program reservations

Statistics and historical data can be evaluated and archived with a simple click of the mouse.