Check-in module

The Check-in-module of vivenio 7 ensures hassle-free check-in and check-out that are speedier than ever before. This is made possible by the automatically generated QR code or barcode displayed on the personalized confirmation of participation. The attendee can print this off quite simply immediately after registration using vivenio 7 event management software and can use it as an admission ticket for your event.
The vivenio Check-in module records the code and immediately displays all data specific to the attendee. In addition, the reception staff are informed of the program items within your event for which the attendee has registered; optimized registration times and individual guest support thanks to vivenio.

After the event, the Statistics function within vivenio's Check-in module simplifies evaluation and planning of your next event.

Mit diesem Modul der vivenio Eventsoftware sorgen Sie dafür, dass Ihre Gäste schnell und problemlos auf Ihrer Veranstaltung ein- und ausgecheckt werden können.
Über das Presenter-Modul von vivenio 7 können Sie Besucher auf Großbildschirmen begrüßen, Referenten ankündigen oder Informationen rund um die Veranstaltung darstellen.

Presenter module

The Presenter module of vivenio 7: informative and transparent. All the information that is important for your guests is collated on large screens, enabling immediate communication with guests in attendance. Advisors who are in attendance can also be mapped, as can program notes, speakers, and other highlights of your event. A magnet for your booth at trade fairs!

Auf Wunsch entwickeln wir sogar eigens für Sie angepasste vivenio Module! Denn jeder Veranstaltung ist anders und hat besondere Ansprüche.


Upon request, we will even develop a module tailored just for you! Because every event is different and has specific requirements. Your own, established workflow doesn't need to change; instead, we ensure that vivenio conforms to your requirements.


The most important element for perfect event management is optimal data flow. The 'Restful Web service' interface in vivenio 7 guarantees perfect data exchange with all sources and unique access to all software systems. You can access data leveraging both read and write functions and can switch between ERP, CRM, and other systems. It even makes your own registration pages a possibility.

Die Restful Webservice-Schnittstelle von vivenio garantiert Ihnen einen komfortablen Datenaustausch.