Planen und Kalkulieren Sie mit vivenio 7 Ihre Veranstaltungen und die dafür benötigten Ressourcen.

Perfect planning and calculation

Perfect planning with vivenio 7: create event plans and calculations that detail available dates and costs as well as potential speakers and locations.
Networking all resources and processes gives you security in terms of planning and, thus, saves money.

Customized invitations

Invitations are sent from vivenio 7 according to your specific requirements; in this way, each of your guests can receive a customized invitation with appropriate program offerings.
From a small group to any large influx of visitors, vivenio ensures that each guest receives tailored support. A maximum of flexibility and a maximum of convenience.

Versenden Sie Einladungen an Ihre potenziellen Gäste und verwalten Sie Ihr komplettes Event mit vivenio 7.
Registrieren Sie die eingegangenen Anmeldungen in vivenio und bestätigen Sie die Teilnahme.

Simple online registration

From simple and convenient entry of your guests' attendee data online through to intelligent further processing by vivenio 7, all hotel, travel, and program reservations are incorporated directly in the event management process.
vivenio 7 also supports you during guest interaction by automatically sending out hotel and travel confirmations as well as admission tickets in PDF format.

Hassle-free check-in

Hassle-free check-in is at the heart of your event. Using the QR code or barcode check-in offered by vivenio 7, you guarantee your guests swift and uncomplicated admission while maintaining optimal monitoring. Attendee data are immediately available and guests can enjoy tailored support.

Ermöglichen Sie Ihren Gästen ein schnelles und unkompliziertes CheckIn durch einen persönlichen Barcode auf den Eintrittskarten.
Erfolgskontrolle mit vivenio 7 für Ihre Veranstaltungen.

Outcome monitoring

All your event data converge within vivenio 7. You can leverage the controlling and reporting function and target/actual analyses to review the outcome of your events at any time.